Director's statement

By revisiting my childhood I was shocked to realized that the lessons I learned as a child are still very present in my life now. Doing what is right vs how I actually feel is always a constant struggle I face as an adult. Ironically, In making this film I had to face that issue all over again in order to get my parent's, especially my father's, blessing to screen this film.


Making this film made me realize that the lessons I learned from my parents have shaped me and will continue to influence me and my work for the rest of my life. This film is to honor them. With this film I hope that my seven year old self will make others question the subject of right vs. wrong when it comes to family, revelation and tradition.


Connie Huang is an Asian-American filmmaker who grew up in Sterling Heights, Michigan and now lives in Brooklyn, New York. She is a member of the International Cinematographer Guild Local 600 and works as a professional camera assistant on feature films in NYC. She is an aspiring cinematographer and when she’s not making films you can find her at Crossfit, surfing, writing postcards, snowboarding, teaching her cousins art lessons or just watching a good movie at home.

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