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Attending New Orleans Film Festival!

New Orleans was SOOOO much fun! The festival was so well organized and even provided 2 nights accommodations and airport transport. It really felt like everything was well thought out from how to program was layout, the programming of blocks and logistics of venues and panels. I got to start out the festival with a screening of Jojo Rabbit, which I couldn't have asked for a better film to open my first night at the festival with. There were parties every night and it's impossible to not attend. You think you'll just have one drink and leave but end up staying till 3am to just start at 10am all over again.

My friend and fellow filmmaking friend Ian come to Nola to come support my film and has been there since the birth of the film in college. I was glad we could experience the festival together as filmmakers! Festival atmosphere makes you feel like anything is possibly possible! Giving us an extra boost in motivation.

Didn't get to eat as much great food in Nola as I wanted to but I guess that just means I'll be back :)

Thank you NOFF for a great time! I'll be attending again!

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